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Goldman Sachs Settles Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit With Former Vice President


Goldman Sachs has settled a pregnancy discrimination law suit filed by a former vice president for pushing her into the "mommy-track" and eventually firing her after she chose to work part-time following her pregnancy.

The lawsuit was filed in March in which the former employee alleged violations of the U.S. Family Medical Leave Act, and gender and pregnancy discrimination. In her complaint she stated that after two years of working at Goldman Sachs she was promoted to vice president of Goldman Sachs University. However, after she took a maternity leave with her first child her opportunity to advancement had vanished.

The former employee claimed in her complaint that once she began working part time, she was transferred to lower positions that made it more difficult for her to advance and to earn more money. She further stated in her complaint that she was demoted, lost her office and subsequently was fired in 2008.

Schwartz and Perry specializes in representing plaintiffs in all forms of employment discrimination. Additional information regarding pregnancy discrimination can be found here.

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