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At Schwartz Perry & Heller LLP, our team of experienced employment contract lawyers is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of both employers and employees in New York City, NY. We understand the importance of well-drafted employment contracts that clearly define the terms and conditions of the employment relationship.

Understanding What is Considered an Employment Contract

A contract is basically a promise or set of promises for the breach of which the law gives a remedy, or the performance of which the law may recognize a duty. Employment contracts are used to mandate the specific terms and conditions the employee must agree to if they decide to accept the position.

This may include terms on the following:

  • Duration of the job
  • Responsibilities and expectations
  • Salary and raise stipulations

These agreements may also include detailed terms on the length of employment, acceptable reasons for termination, and the amount of severance pay that will be offered.

Formal written employment agreements that guarantee employment for a specific period of time are rare, given the employment-at-will rule in most states. They do exist, however, especially in tight labor markets where employers are competing for talent. Executives, top sales and marketing people, as well as experts specializing in certain technical fields, often have employment agreements.

Furthermore, in order to maintain the level of productivity and retain important employees, companies often include restrictive clauses, such as those enforcing non-competes or solicitation with other similar companies. These stipulations are typically reserved for employees who will have access to sensitive and confidential information regarding the operations of the business.

What Does a Contract Review Lawyer Do in NYC?

As contract review lawyers in NYC, we perform the crucial task of reviewing and analyzing legal contracts on behalf of clients. Our primary responsibility is to ensure that the terms and conditions outlined in the contract are fair, accurate, and align with the client's interests and objectives.

The following are services we offer in the contract review process:

  • Contract Analysis: We carefully examine the contract language, provisions, and clauses to understand its scope, purpose, and potential implications. We assess the clarity, completeness, and accuracy of the contract.

  • Risk Assessment: Our contract review lawyers identify any potential risks or issues associated with the contract and communicate them to the client. We also provide legal advice on how to mitigate risks and protect the client's interests.

  • Legal Compliance: Our team ensures that the contract adheres to all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. We verify that the contract includes necessary legal disclosures and provisions required by relevant authorities.

  • Negotiation Support: We assist clients in contract negotiations by providing legal guidance and recommending revisions or modifications to the contract terms. We then work to ensure that the contract reflects the client's objectives and protects their rights.

  • Drafting and Amendments: Based on the client's requirements and negotiation outcomes, our lawyers may be involved in drafting or revising contract provisions and terms. We will ensure that the revised contract accurately reflects the agreed-upon terms and resolves any concerns or ambiguities.

  • Due Diligence: Our NYC contract review lawyers may conduct due diligence investigations to assess the validity and authenticity of the contract, including verifying the identities of the involved parties and reviewing supporting documentation.

  • Legal Research: We stay updated with relevant laws, regulations, and legal precedents to provide accurate and informed advice during the contract review process. Our team also researches specific legal issues related to the contract to ensure compliance and minimize legal risks.

  • Documentation and Record-Keeping: Our contract review lawyers in NYC maintain detailed records of contract reviews, revisions, and any correspondence related to the contract. We will ensure that all necessary documentation is accurately filed and organized.

When Do I Need NYC Employment Contract Legal Counsel?

While most contracts and agreements are in writing, some may be made orally as well. Though these are more difficult to prove, they can still be legally binding in many cases. For example, if an employee or employer is relying on assurances or promises that are broken, they may be held liable if they knew these promises to be false. However, it should not be assumed that these issues will always be upheld and enforced by the court. If your employer takes actions that violate the terms in your contract, you may be able to take steps to bring a lawsuit against them to recover economic damages caused by the breach.

Having a legal advocate by your side in any contractual matter is absolutely crucial. A qualified NYC contract review attorney can stand by your side during this time and ensure that your rights remain safeguarded. They can also advise you on the best steps to take when agreeing to and litigating a contract, as they often understand the complex language and clauses involved.

If you are concerned about provisions in a severance agreement or employment contract, our NYC attorneys at Schwartz Perry & Heller LLP urge you to contact us online or call .

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