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Brooks Brothers Facing $30 Million Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Law Suit


A Seamstress at Brooks Brothers' Queens factory, Herlinda Aroca Pino, is suing the company for $30 million, claiming sexual harassment and retaliation by the Assistant Plant Manager. Among Pino's allegations are that the Supervisor would be "grinding against her buttocks while whispering "One day you'll be mine," and "Whoa, yes, your t--- look like melons." The suit also claims the harassment escalated to grabbing Pino's breast and trying to kiss her at a holiday party.

Pino alleges that she complained about this conduct to Human Resources and the perpetrator was issued a warning, however, she claims this sexually harassing behavior continued and ultimately lead to retaliation. Pino claims that soon after her complains, a different supervisor threatened to fire her unless she provided documentation for each time she accompanied her severely-ill daughter to a doctor's appointment.

One key issue from this case is that while sexual harassment is unlawful in the workplace, employees must also be aware that they are protected against retaliation and retaliatory conduct by their employer as a result of making their complaint.

The full article can be found in the New York Daily News.

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