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Sexual Harassment Case Against Fast Food Chain Is Settled by E.E.O.C.


A sexual harassment lawsuit filed in September 2012, is being settled with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, against Panda Express, a Chinese fast-food chain, which manages and operates nearly 1,600 restaurants in 42 states across the United States. According to the lawsuit, a male supervisor subjected three female employees ages 17-19 to "unwelcome physical and verbal sexual conduct that was sufficient severe and pervasive to adversely affect the terms and conditions of the employment and created a hostile work environment." One of the victimized teenagers who protested the sexual harassment stated that her hours were cut and she was forced to resign. Another teen quit to void the verbal obscenities and sexual advances.

According to the settlement, Panda Express is required to implement anti-sexual harassment training measures including yearly sexual harassment training for all managers in the restaurant where the sexually harassing conduct took place, as well in all restaurants throughout the State.

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