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New York State Senate Fails to Pass Gender Identity Discrimination Bill


The New York State Legislative Session has come to a close and the New York State Senate has, once again, failed to pass a bill granting protection under the New York State Human Rights Law for gender identity discrimination. The bill has passed the State Assembly for the past six years yet it cannot be signed into law by the Governor unless it passes the Senate, as well.

The bill, which is called "GENDA" would protect trans-gendered individuals from employment and housing discrimination under the New York State Law. The New York City Human Rights law, however, already grants individuals these protections. Advocates in support of the bill, while still making the relevant human rights arguments, have turned to making further arguments which focus on the economic benefits to the State if this bill is signed into law. Supporters believe that discrimination against what is estimated to be 60,000 New Yorkers leads to financial impacts to the State such as additional unemployment benefits being paid, housing subsidies, and additional health insurance expenditures.

The Legislative Session is not scheduled to resume until January 2014, however there have been some rumors of holding Session days in September 2013.

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