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Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Hotel in New York Supreme Court


A sexual harassment claim was brought in New York County Supreme Court yesterday by eight employees of AVA Lounge at the Dream Hotel.

The owner and general manager are accused of subjecting the women to "Best Ass" contests and referring to them as "Double Ds" and "Thighs" instead of their names.

Mark Stumer, a lawyer for the women said that the supervisors basically harassed each woman that worked there, and that it was "constant, pervasive, and everyday." Apparently, the environment at the AVA Lounge was so barbaric that the manager would announce over two-way radio that people were having sex in the building across the street from the hotel. According to the complaint, managers would brag about their sexual escapades to the staff including videotaping a sexual act in the office and snorting cocaine off the naked body of an employee.

One employee, Christine Anderson, alleged in the complaint that she was wrongfully accused of stealing and then fired for complaining about this behavior.

Sexual harassment and retaliation are prohibited by the New York City Human Rights Law and should not be not be tolerated. If you feel that you may be the victim of sexual harassment or retaliation in the workplace, contact Schwartz Perry & Heller.

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