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Alleged Race and Age Discrimination at the Waldorf-Astoria


The Waldorf-Astoria is being sued by Samir Abdel-Mesih, 53, for age and race discrimination in Queens Supreme Court, in New York. Mesih started as a waiter in 1987 and was promoted to banquet captain in 2002. According to the complaint, The Waldorf bosses are "getting rid of the old guys" in exchange for younger, white captains.

Last year, the percentage of Mesih's tips was cut in half despite the number of guests he was assigned nearly quadrupling. Nine captains ranging in age from 50-91 lost their jobs. Thus, Mesih's lawyer expects that other captains who have been let go will be joining the law suit.

Younger white managers were hired to do the same job as captains like Mesih. Mesih is suing for lost wages and emotional distress, though he is still employed by the Waldorf.

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