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Boathouse Restaurant Faces Claims of Employment Discrimination Against its Workers


The Boathouse Restaurant in Central Park, is under attack for allegedly allowing and participating in discriminatory and improper treatment towards his waiters and dishwashers at Boathouse Restaurant.

Among other complaints, workers argue that they are forced to work double shifts without decent meals and without sufficient work breaks. To protect their rights and to expose this humiliating and demeaning treatment, many Boathouse employees have brought tape recorders to work. These recordings have provided damning evidence that Boathouse has repeatedly violated federal labor laws. On several of the tapes the owner can be heard threatening his employees that if they vote for a union he "will go out of business."

This statement in connection with restaurant's recent decision to suddenly dismiss sixteen workers, all of whom are supporters of the union campaign, is significant. The owner claims that he terminated the employment of these workers simply because he has no need for so many workers during the slow season and that outsourcing when necessary is more cost-effective, his recent actions raise questions.

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