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Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against a New York City Television Station


A former employee of the television channel BET is suing for sexual harassment in New York Supreme Court, Bronx County.

The suit filed by Tameika Dorman claims she was sexually harassed by a cameraman who made comments about her body and "grabbed his crotch" and moaned when Dorman was on camera.

When Dorman complained to her supervisor and said she would not work with that cameraman again, the suit alleges that nothing was done in response and that despite her protests, she was, in fact, assigned to work with him again.

Dorman also complained to Human Resources and, after an investigation Dorman was fired at a time when she was also five months pregnant.

Sexual harassment and retaliation are prohibited by the New York City Human Rights Law and should not be not be tolerated. If you feel that you may be the victim of sexual harassment or retaliation in the workplace, contact Schwartz Perry & Heller.

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