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Age Discrimination is a Widespread Epidemic Which Affects Every Industry


Age discrimination is a problem that is widely acknowledged to be spreading throughout workplaces all over the country. Its effects can be felt by everyone from bankers to doctors to lawyers to business executives and it also has reared its ugly head in the realm of professional sports.

Former Los Angeles Clippers General Manager, Elgin Baylor, has sued the NBA franchise, the league and the team owner, alleging that he was subject to age discrimination and race discrimination. Baylor, a hall of fame player, had been with the Clippers organization for 22 years and alleges in his lawsuit that he was "grossly underpaid during his tenure with the Clippers."

Age discrimination has the ability to impact all industries and individuals and, as indicated by recent statistics put out by the EEOC, claims of age discrimination are on the rise. It therefore falls to the lawyers who represent the victims of this despicable form of discrimination to act as "private attorney generals" and police the workplace to eradicate age discrimination once and for all.

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