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The New York Jets and Their Former Player Brett Farve Facing Sexual Harassment Lawsuit


The New York Jets and former Quarterback Brett Farve are facing new sexual harassment allegations according to a law suit filed by two team employees in New York Supreme Court last week.

Farve had been investigated by the NFL over the last several months surrounding claims that he sent sexually explicit photos to another former team employee, Jenn Sterger. Sterger did not bring any lawsuit as of yet, however, Farve conduct was question by the league for violating its code of conduct. Farve was not fined or suspended for this conduct, but was fined $50,000 by the league for failing to cooperate with its investigation.

The present allegations claim that Farve, while a Jets employee in 2008, sent text message from his phone to two Jets team masseurs. The messages allegedly include Farve's offers to the employees to pursue an inappropriate relationship with him. Additionally, there are allegations that before this law suit was filed, another Jets employee, who supervised the team's masseurs, Lisa Ripi, told the two Plaintiffs to "keep your mouth shut" among other threats.

The New York Jets, throughout this season, have been faced with a number of these startling allegations. In addition to the Farve incidents, a reporter for a Spanish television station claimed that she was made to feel uncomfortable and the object of sexually inappropriate behavior by the players while the reporter was visiting the team's practice facilities earlier this season.

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