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Minority Employees Catch Fishmonger in Race Discrimination Claim


A Bronx fish company, M. Slavin & Sons, are not getting off the hook for the racial discrimination and sexual harassment that ran rampant in its company for years. Minority employees, who first brought suit in federal court approximately one year ago, and M.Slavin & Sons, have agreed to a settlement of $900,000 to be paid out to 31 employees.

M. Slavin & Sons has not admitted any fault, but accusations by the minority employees include an allegation that a supervisor at the company would poke male employees in the buttocks with fish hooks. As part of the settlement, the company will revamp its procedure for investigating racial and sexual harassment and establish an anti-discrimination training program for all of its employees. M. Slavin & Sons has only recently emerged from bankruptcy but, fortunately, the Federal Bankruptcy Judge overseeing the case approved the $900,000 payout. This is a victory for victims of workplace discrimination everywhere.

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The article can be found on the Daily News website.

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