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Sexual Harassment And The New York City Police Department


The New York City Police Department was recently faced with a reminder that a police precinct is a work environment just like any other - open to potential misconduct if left unwatched. The NYPD has been served with a $40 million lawsuit by a former officer accusing the institution of sexual harassment. Despite having been on the job for over 17 years as a cop, being the lone female (and lesbian) officer in the 49th Precinct left Arlene Ramery in an atmosphere that was "permeated with 'sexism' and 'frat boy' type behavior." Standing up for women on the job, Ramery claims to have an exemplary record and feels betrayed by the NYPD after her years of service. This is the not the only sexual harassment claim filed against the NYPD of late. The so-called 'Twilight' case is currently being investigated by the EEOC and an internal probe by the department has been launched

If New York's Finest hope to keep female recruitment up, precincts should take efforts to monitor staff behavior and ensure safety in the work environment.

More information can be found here.

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