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Sexual Harassment Suit Filed Against New York City Police Department


A Queens police officer has filed a sexual harassment suit against the New York City Police Department. She claims that a sergeant had asked her out several times, and when she rejected these advances, she alleges that he retaliated against her. "Almost every day he mentioned my lips, he said he was attracted to my shape and rubbed up against me," the officer claims.

The tipping point came after an New York City Police Department talent show in which the officer was a participant. During the performance, she had a wardrobe malfunction and her pants accidently slipped off. Subsequently, the alleged perpetrator obtained a copy of the video of the performance and showed it to other officers on a laptop computer.

The officer also claims the New York City Police Department engaged in retaliation, which is illegal under New York employment law. She alleges that management took no action protect her from the sexual harassment and that the offender was allowed to take out his frustration on the youth programs the plaintiff ran - even taking away the police van used to transport kids. The plaintiff was eventually transferred out of the youth officer job. She now hopes to find relief through the judicial system.

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