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Unconscious Bias On GMA | What Caused Lara Spencer's Prince George Gaffe

Last week on Good Morning America, host Lara Spencer faced intense backlash after she made disparaging comments about 6-year-old Prince George's love of ballet. Ms. Spencer felt that her beliefs about boys and dance were universal, but instead she learned that she was wrong, and that her beliefs were based on outdated stereotypes. After experiencing the ensuing public reaction, she apologized publicly and changed her behavior. This is an important example of how bad behavior can only be changed if it is confronted and called out. If you are being targeted because of an unconscious bias held by someone you work with, it is unlikely to change if it is not confronted. It is important for you to speak to an experienced employment attorney to learn more about your rights and protections under the human rights laws. Every case is unique, which means that this video should not be taken as legal advice for your individual situation. This video is for general informational purposes only. If you're located in the New York Metropolitan Area and are experiencing something similar to what we described in this video, call Schwartz, Perry & Heller at 212-889-6565 to find out if we can help.