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The WARN Act Protects You From Sudden Layoffs | Ask An Employment Lawyer

If you work at a large company or plant, your employer is required by federal law to give you ample notice of a mass layoff or plant closing so that you have time to find a new job. Some states, like New York, offer additional protections that go even further than the federal statutes. In this video, Dan Kovel discusses the difference between the New York and federal WARN Act statutes, and how these laws protect workers from sudden layoffs and plant closings. Every case is unique, which means that this video should not be taken as legal advice for your individual situation. This video is for general informational purposes only. If you're located in the New York Metropolitan Area and are experiencing something similar to what we described in this video, call Schwartz, Perry & Heller at 212-889-6565 to find out if we can help.