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EEOC Issues a Determination that Clothing Chain Wet Seal Discriminated Against Employees Based on Their Race


The New York Times reported earlier this week that national clothing chain Wet Seal has been found to have discriminated against African-American employees by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The determination issued by the agency stated, among other things, that "corporate managers have openly stated they wanted employees who had the 'Armani look, were white, had blue eyes, thin and blond in order to be profitable.'" Additionally, there is apparently an e-mail from senior leadership within the company stating that "African Americans dominate - huge issue."

This determination was issued after Nicole Cogdell and two other former Wet Seal employees filed a race discrimination in Federal Court in 2009. According to the Times article, attorneys for the plaintiffs are seeking to broaden the case to the level of a class-action which may allow other potential plaintiffs to be included in the case.

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