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Employer Claims Employee is "Too Ugly" to Sexually Harass


A lawsuit was filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court last week by 23 year old, Priscilla Agosto, against her former employer, a real estate office, for sexual harassment. Ms. Agosto claims that several of her male co-workers subjected her to inappropriate comments and sexual advances, a violation of the New York City Human Rights Law. She is seeking back pay and benefits from her former employer.

Agosto was employed for 14 months. Throughout her time there, she allegedly faced lewd comments, propositions for oral sex and was even offered $500 to sleep with a co-workers girlfriend. When one of her co-workers slapped Agosto across the face, she knew she had to take action. Agosto claims that she complained to her boss who brushed the incident off and only told the employee to apologize. This perceived lack of concern quickly prompted Agosto to bring suit. Agosto hopes that by speaking up and sharing her story, she will help inspire others facing sexual harassment to speak up.

The employer responded to the lawsuit by denying the charges and asserting that Agosto is too ugly to harass. She claimed that Agosto, "made up a story because she didn't want to work."

You can read more about Agosto's claims in the New York Daily News

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