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New York City Law Firm In Overtime Compensation Suit


A complaint has recently been filed in federal court alleging that a major New York law firm violated federal labor laws when the firm failed to properly compensate him for overtime work. The plaintiff asserts that while working as a temporary employee at the firm, he regularly worked 50 hours a week and was not compensated in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (the "Act"). The Act mandates that employers compensate all covered employees, generally those paid at an hourly rate, for overtime work at a rate equivalent to at least one and one-half times their regular rates of pay.

The plaintiff believes the firm is improperly compensating employees and seeks to bring a class action along with those similarly situated. The attorney for the plaintiff commented that many employees are hesitant to bring similar suits because they fear being blacklisted. He hopes that this suit inspires other employees to demand the overtime pay they have earned.

For more information on the Fair Labor Standards Act and Federal overtime pay guidelines see

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