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You Deserve to be Paid for Every Hour You Work

How many times have you clocked out of work only for your boss to ask you to do one more task before you leave? Doing a small chore once or twice may not create too much an inconvenience, but you should be paid for that time.

Wage theft takes many forms, and it is a disturbingly easy way to cheat employees out of money they rightfully deserve. Oftentimes, employees do not even realize they are being taken advantage of because being asked to work off the clock is presented as “part of the job” or “not the same” as your regular work. If you believe you are currently the victim of wage theft, contact the experienced employment attorneys of Schwartz Perry & Heller LLP, in New York today.

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Do I Have an Unpaid Wages Claim?

Have you ever been asked to work after hours? Were you paid for that work? If you work longer than 40 hours, are you paid overtime? Don’t be afraid to ask yourself these questions and think about how much you work compared to how much you’re paid. You are entitled to receive adequate compensation for the work you put in, and it is by no means ungrateful or greedy to point out discrepancies with your pay and work hours.

Some examples of wage and hour claims include:

  • Working off-the-clock
  • Working through mean and break periods without pay
  • Deductions from paychecks
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Denied vacation pay
  • Employee misclassification as exempt or non-exempt
  • Misclassification as a part-time or full-time employee
  • Paying for work-related expenses out of pocket

You may not be the only person at your job affected by these policies. Don’t assume that what is happening is legal just because everyone else is dealing with it. Employers who knowingly underpay their staff count on group momentum to continue these practices without consequences.

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We encourage you to reach out to Schwartz Perry & Heller LLP if you believe you are being subjected to wage theft. Our experienced employment lawyers in New York can investigate your situation and give you their thoughts on whether or not wage theft is taken place. If you have a valid claim, we can provide you with the aggressive representation you need to not only stop these practices but fight for compensation for all the unpaid hours you have already worked.

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