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Blog Posts in 2009

An Employee May be Able to Sue a Former Employer for a Bad Reference

A former employer who gives a former employee a negative job reference in retaliation for the employee's complaint of discrimination may be liable under the human rights law. In Jute v. Hamilton ...
Continue reading "An Employee May be Able to Sue a Former Employer for a Bad Reference" »

Employers Face Tough Test As Retaliation Claims Soar

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which has tracked the number of retaliation claims since 1992, has reported that claims including a retaliation charge rose 23% this past year. The ...
Continue reading "Employers Face Tough Test As Retaliation Claims Soar" »

Discrimination And Harassment in Employment Law

In the case of Roby v. McKesson HBOC, an employee suffered from a panic disorder which caused a number of unmistakable side effects. After lengthy employment, she was terminated for taking too many ...
Continue reading "Discrimination And Harassment in Employment Law" »

Sexual Harassment in the Twenty-First Century

Forbes Magazine's recent piece, "The 'new' sexual harassment is more subtle," highlights the transformation in workplace relationships has occurred between co-workers over the ...
Continue reading "Sexual Harassment in the Twenty-First Century" »

Age Discrimination on the Rise

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") has begun considering much-needed rules to protect the older members of the workforce. In the last year, the EEOC has seen a 29% increase ...
Continue reading "Age Discrimination on the Rise" »

Age Discrimination Bias Becoming More Prevalent

In the current economic climate, many people are finding themselves out of work. People who have spent years working for the same company are finding themselves spending their days searching for jobs. ...
Continue reading "Age Discrimination Bias Becoming More Prevalent" »

Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act

According to The Council for Responsible Genetics, there have been almost five hundred cases of individuals who have been turned down for employment or other positions or who have lost insurance due ...
Continue reading "Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act" »

Gender Discrimination - Equal Pay Day

National Equal Pay Day is designated on a Tuesday each April to remind people that on the time line of a pay period that starts on Monday, women's wages do not catch up to men's pay, from ...
Continue reading "Gender Discrimination - Equal Pay Day" »

Young vs. Old in the Labor Market

A recent New York Times article noted that millions of Americans have delayed their retirement due to plummeting 401(k)s, lack of confidence in Social Security benefits and increasing health care ...
Continue reading "Young vs. Old in the Labor Market" »

Racial Discrimination in the Advertising Industry

A recently published study initiated by a coalition of legal, civil rights and industry leaders who created the Madison Avenue Project in 2008 in conjunction with the NAACP highlighted the bias ...
Continue reading "Racial Discrimination in the Advertising Industry" »

Equal Pay for Equal Work

For years, companies have been paying female workers less than their male counterparts for the same work. Two women, Lilly Ledbetter and Betty Dukes, are leading the way in the ongoing battle for ...
Continue reading "Equal Pay for Equal Work" »

Reducing Layoffs by Shortening the Workweek

The tragedy in our workplace seems to have limitless impact upon all of us. We seem not to know what to do. Not our economic advisors, not our legislators, not even our business people. It is as ...
Continue reading "Reducing Layoffs by Shortening the Workweek" »

Age Discrimination is a Widespread Epidemic Which Affects Every Industry

Age discrimination is a problem that is widely acknowledged to be spreading throughout workplaces all over the country. Its effects can be felt by everyone from bankers to doctors to lawyers to ...
Continue reading "Age Discrimination is a Widespread Epidemic Which Affects Every Industry" »

Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

There are various Federal, New York State and New York City laws that protect employees from religious discrimination on the basis of their religious beliefs. Even if a particular employee's ...
Continue reading "Religious Discrimination in the Workplace" »

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